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Autumn seafaring and shipwreck - return home from further education in dentistry in Umeå was prolonged. When two fellow friends gave room for big plans, small things didn’t matter. We wondered what the best possible dental reception would be for the patient and staff. The dream was born.

Aurora Hammaslääkärit opened its doors beside the Vaasan Kasarmintori in the spring of 2011. The milieu was just what we wanted. A beautiful, old red brick house that got a fresh new look with a complete renovation. We started patient work in two treatment rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, eager to serve our patients. 

Within a few years, Aurora had put up three more treatment rooms. The happy, caring and empathetic staff grew with the number of rooms. Aurora quickly developed Vaasa's most comprehensive dental care expertise. 

The new Aurora opened its doors in December 2016 at Kirkkopuistikko 4. The completely renovated, old Vaasa Sähkö head office has seven treatment rooms, which are decorated with respect for the old - emphasizing coziness and warmth. The door of the old bank vault and the original partition doors as well as the wallpaper walls create an idyllic atmosphere. 

Aurora has all the necessary conditions to guarantee quality care; In promoting the work of skilled dentists, oral hygienists, and specialist dentists in various fields, we have the latest computer-assisted technology as well as 3D X-rays. In addition to basic dental care, we are able to care for patients in demanding procedures. 

The guarantee of quality care is cooperation with specialists in the field and the desire to develop professionally. Everyone who works at Aurora shares common values ​​in patient care.

Aurora is a dental clinic from Vaasa where we meet you as an individual. The atmosphere exudes the fact that we enjoy our workplace and we also want you to feel comfortable. Aurora involves caring for others and a positive atmosphere.

We warmly welcome you to Aurora!

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